14mm 36 hole hub??????

I am looking for a 14mm hub for a dx32 which is a 36 hole(bike front wheel hub) but i can’t find one!!! help??? has to be in the uk i am NOT shipping from U.S
O yeah it’s for a B.C wheel

check out bmx shops like www.winstanleysbmx.co.uk, for a front bmx hub, with a 14mm axle, not a 3/8ths axle.

Cheapest there is £35, but its a good quality hub, if you want cheaper i suggest picking up a copy of “ride bmx” from your local magazine retailer and checking the private ad’s. I think you can get one for somewhere near £10 or so from some of the ads.

Good luck

I am looking for under £20 more like £15 really i will pick up a copy 2mz unless some1 esle no’s somewhere already checked the lbs.