14g spokes in KH hub?

Just wondering how many of you built up a wheel using 14g spokes in a KH hub?
I want to build up a lighter custom trials wheel using 14g spoke instead of 13g.

I use 14g spokes, but I settle for 182s and lace 4 cross. You would save more weight wtih 170-172 whichever work better. But 182s are common for BMX so you can usually walk into a bike shop and they have them on hand.

I’m taking my hub into Bedford Unicycles today, because I’m getting it re-laced from 13g spokes to 14g. I’m pretty excited.


so i guess this means the 14g spokes work fine in the 13g drilled KH hubs:D

I find that they actually work “better”. Since KH hub flanges bend inward, when it comes time to change a spoke or relace a wheel the spokes are super hard to get in and out. 14g spokes are much easier to lace and unlace with bent flanges.


Are 13g or 14g spokes lighter?


14g is smaller diameter. So usually they are lighter. You can get double butted 13g that might get as small as 15g in the middle and might be even lighter than 14g… but this is all speculation.

I weighed my 13g silver spokes that came with my K1 wheel(172mm), and also weighed my 14g Primo(182) and the Primos are 1.1-1.2 grams lighter each.

So I lost about 40g switching to 14g spokes. prolly would have been 45-50 with 14g spokes that are 172mm…but 4 cross is supposed to be stronger anyway.