14g spokes in 2008 KH hub.

The 2008 kh hub (welded flanges, black) takes 13g spokes. Has anyone had problems using 14g spokes with this hub (lots of breakages at the spoke head maybe) ?


I’ve always liked my spoke diameters and hub spoke hole diameters to match up a little better than the combination you are describing so I have always used Sapim Strong single butted spokes that are 13 ga at the head and taper to 14 ga at the nipple.

There are others on here that might be able to say how important this is, but it seemed to make sense to me and I’ve never had any trouble with the Sapim spokes in older KH or Nimbus ISIS hubs.


Not a problem, did it with a blue hub, 07. Nothing much changed between those years.

It should be fine. If you break a lot of spokes though going with a single butted spoke would be ideal.

Luke Collalto.

I was using 13g spokes in my Ti hub a few months back, I had no problems with the spokes.