145mm's and hulkish thighs

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Re: 145mm’s and hulkish thighs

OH! Oh! Yess, yes!

Thank you! Thank you! Oh! Do it!

( owww! )

OH! Daddy! Yes!!!

Thank you! Th - th - th-

th – ANK!!!

Stop! Don’t stop! Stop!

Don’t listen to it!



you BEAST !!!

HEY! can we get back to my hulkish thighs now :o

OK. Your HULKish thighs are big and beautiful and GREEN and replete with hulkish muscular vascularity, not to mention pumped-up hulkishly-ripped hellish hill-climbing power !!!

According to the physio research we dinghy sailors put a stress equivalent to 10 times your bodyweight through each knee when hiking properly (strap over top of foot - side of the boat on the lower side of behind the knee - body horizontal with a slight upward curve of the back)

Do this for 3 hours plus per day - 5 days a week - for 11 years and you’ll be where I am.

Yup, that’s part of the jollies for me. I dig on this kind of stuff, but only for short steep climbs. For longer steep ascents, I become a biped instead of a half of a velocipede.

When I manage to ride several times a week, when time permits, for only 30 minutes each time, my knees feel much more comfortable and the pain in them is minimized. Might it be the consistant workouts bouncing around the neighborhood on the Muni strengthen the muscles around the knees?

I will assume so, either that, or the Glucosomine tablets I have been taking for the last 6 weeks are finally starting to work. I started using some stuff from Trader Joe’s stores. Other previous attempts at other forms of Glucosomine had little effect.