?145mm cranks + 26" wheel + brake?

Has anyone tried mountain unicycling with really short crank arms (e.g., 145mm) and large wheel diameter (e.g., 26") and a brake to keep from spinning out? I’d think one could go really fast that way. I use 170mm arms on a 24" wheel, but my legs just bounce off at a high enough speed.

i did the Cal MUni week-end on a 29" with 145mm cranks (with brake).it was definatly fast but not ideal in the super rocky sections.ive changed my rig to a 24" with 145’s (with brake) its not as fast but faster still.on the plus side,the 29 had a 2.1 tyre and now with the 3" on the 24 i can go off the trail and pass those stinkin 20’s that clog up flow.