1440 Unispin!!!

WOW…check out this vid of this girl on the 1440!!!

:slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yeah its been posted before. Obviously fake. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone even landed a 900 yet?

No one whos announced it. I’m convinced that Shaun has and is saving it up. I mean we’ve seen basically no footage from him in a long while. Hes got something up his sleeve.

it’s been posted a few times before. it’s funny as i reckon

lol thats a stupid video

Either he is bustin out mad new tricks that are gonna give you wet dreams…or hes just busy…you decide :wink:

Or he just has 2 much snow to practice very seriously… :slight_smile:

i think i recall him mentioning practicing 900s in the competition thread…

Hahaha that’s great. I never thought it could be done! Looked kinda sketchy though…

hahaha that is so fake its funny. i bet shaun has done it and is saving it, but why would anyone hide the fact theyre the first one to do a 900??

He’s gonna wait till someone else lands it then he’ll be like, “Oh, That trick? pff, I landed that a while ago” and then he’ll show us an old vid He’d been saving on his comp.

that was so amazingly fake it made me laugh she was flying hahaha

Are you sure it’s a girl…

lol…i wasn’t sure…