144 spoke Bedford hot rod & low rider unicycles

Check out these cool pictures of the 144 spoke
Bedford Hot Rod and Low Rider custom unicycles…

Enjoy !


nice, how much for the flame frame?

How much for a whole uni with one of those frames, 24" splined wheel, and a KH saddle, shipped to Finland? Or are those just stickers. If they are just stickers, how much for a couple of flame stickers shipped to Finland?

The powder coated High-Gloss black flamed frame is
89.00 Canadian
(68.00 US at current exchange rate)

The 144 spoke wheel is not available in splined

The flames are 4.00 Canadian per set plus 1.00 shipping anywhere in the world.

If you are in the UK or USA…
Unicycle.com stock Bedford Flames for unicycle frames. 5 colours and 2 sizes.

That wheel looks so pimp.

How did you make the hub? It looks like you modified a bicycle hub to add a unicycle axle rather than modifying a unicycle hub.

I can’t find the sticker section in Uni.com anywhere…Can someone help me?


Darren, How much is one of those complete uni’s, with the pimp wheel (144 spoke)? i really want one, its so crazy!

That looks like one cool uni!

I cant seem to find the flame stickers on Unicycle.com, but found them here on Unicycle.Uk.Com.

I have some yellow ones for my muni, but I am waiting until I get it powdercoated - mat black, hopefully in the New Year, if not, before! :slight_smile:



You’re right, I combined a bicycle hub and a unicycle hub. It took many hours of thinking/trying to get it to actually work.

I showed it to Jesse James of West Coast Choppers
and asked him if he wanted to give it a try.
He said, “No thanks, I don’t want to kill myself.”

Discovery channel filmed me riding it and doing a bunch of tricks on it. Maybe one day it will air on Monster Garage.


It would be about 350.00 US
(because of the work involved that you can’t see.)
I have ridden it quite a bit but I really made it for show. I will have it in the low rider bike show in Michigan in February.

It looks so amazing when the sun hits the spokes when you are riding it. Even non-unicyclists notice the pimp wheel right away.
Lots of nice comments all the time.

I will have a few crushed velvet unicycle seats in different colours for it soon.


more specs

ok, more questions Darren. how high is the seat post? where in the world are you if i wanted to get it shipped? and finally, would it be possible to knock the axle out of another uni and put it in one of those wheels and how would i attatch it? thank you for answering my questions.

Wicked uni, I want it!


I’m in Toronto. No problem shipping to the US. I do it every couple days.

I can supply any length post. The wheel will fit in most unicycle frames.


Darren, do you have actual premesis, or are you strictly web and phone order?

Yes, I have a shop in Toronto.
I have been selling unicycles since 1988.
Selling high-end unicycles for 15 years !

I would rather have everyone come by and pick up their new unicycles than ship them.

By the way, November 15th 2003 was my 20th year riding unicycles. I got my first one in 1983.
Still riding and making lots of other unicyclists very happy !

The Unicycle Factory (Tom Miller) and Semcycle (Sem and Teresa) supplied me with my unicycles
when I was starting out.

Unicycling today is much different than it was a few years ago. I sell mostly off-road unicycles these days.

I will be announcing dealer locations in the new year. 4 in Canada and 1 in the US so far.


wow! an actual unicycle store! what’s your address in Toronto? (and how far are you from montreal… can I take a train?) I will be in montreal this week and if it’s not too far, I’d love to come and check out your store.

(and congratulations on riding for so long)

Hopefule: It’s a 350 mile trip from Montreal to Toronto.

Darren: Happy Anniversary, and congrats on the upcoming expansion!

This might be a really dumb idea, but has anyone ever tried replacing spokes with springs, thus giving the wheel a shock absorber? It might work on a set-up like this because of the shear number of spoke placements. carjug

The rim would probably taco when you got on to the uni. Just a guess…

yeah… 350 miles is a bit too long, i guess i’ll have to wait until the toronto weekend to check it out. thanks sofa

Wouldn’t work carjug, spokes are providing regidity for the wheel, springs would neglect this very imporant task. The wheel would not be tru for very long and would taco in no time flat…