140mm KOXX Cranks

KOXX trial LIGHT Cranks for sale.

I pedal grabbed these cranks so they do have scratches but they will make you ride like this:

Any impressive moves in this movie are not due to the fact that i practice, but because I used these magical cranks throughout the entire video.

These cranks will fit on Nimbus, KH, KOXX, (pretty much anything, as long as your hub is ISIS).

i dont think the k1 cranks will fit kh.

k1 cranks are not true isis

check out the custom uni thread and u will see some. also, these cranks fit on my KH hub.

since when do you have a KH hub?

Probably ever since he broke his hub on that huge drop in the vid…

It weren’t him that broke a hub. It were Jarin Erickson (unicyclerman)…


40 dollars for the cranks!

$35 for the cranks! i have try all pedal too! the try all pedals are brand new never installed and are white. 20$ for the pedals. buy it up quick!