140mm cranks - vast improvement

From previous unicycling experience I have decided that my legs are just too short for 150mm cranks. Unfortunately there were no 140mm cranks available when I ordered my semi-coker. So I set off on the 150 cranks and have had great fun on them. On Friday I rode my longest ride so far - 16 miles down the coast to Colwyn Bay.

However UDC have since got some 140mm cranks in and on Friday evening I changed the cranks myself (for the first time - hurrah!). The ride with the shorter cranks is much smoother and I have more control of the unicycle. It felt like my legs had to outreach themselves just a bit too much with the longer cranks and had therefore less power to control the unicycle.

So the moral of the story is - experiment with the length of your cranks, especially if your legs are shorter than the average.


I had somewhat the opposite problem. I have a 26" unicycle that came with 127mm cranks. Since I’m still in the process of learning to ride I had been struggling with this unicycle. It seems “touchy”, by which I mean that I had trouble keeping a steady speed, I’d either be jumping forward or slowing down too suddenly. I reasoned that at least until I am a better rider longer cranks would even out my jerky responses.

Sure enough! I got 152mm cranks and now I not only can ride around the block more smoothly, I can also freemount this thing, (which before was immensely difficult).

So, Ben…
Now that you can ride that modified big wheel, you’ll be joining us for the park ride on Monday, right?

Don’t stop at 140! In my experience, going from 140s to 125s made the ride soo much smoother! …longer stopping distances though, but worth it.

The trouble is, if I go any smaller with the cranks, I might need to raise the seat so much that I could fit a proper coker/36". Another excuse for another unicycle. MMM.


Hiya, Kathy!

Yes, I want to, but I seem to have missed the details for this one. Send me an email (QUICK!), or reply here if we haven’t jacked this thread too badly yet.

I missed Saturday practice because I forgot about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You keep writing about those short legs of yours. Wouldn’t it be easier just to post photos?:wink:

It is strange how these tiny changes of crank length can make a big difference. I never really got on with 170s on my MUni, but I find 165s OK - a change of only 5 mm! It’s nothing to do with mathematics, torque and constant foot speed, it’s just comfort.

It sounds to me like your Coker was a good purchase. 16 miles down the Welsh coast in one day. No doubt you are writing it up at this very moment…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, you all have to blame mikefule for this. But this is a pic of me taken by the boy with my phone on the prom this morning.

I don’t think that your legs are short. I think your just overall a little short.

Congrats on the big milage Cathy. :slight_smile:

As long as they both reach the ground, they aren’t too short.

I may have to try shorter cranks too. I’m still on 150’s.

I agree about experimenting crank length on your Coker.
I started with 170, then ordered 155, 110, and even 89!
At the beginning I was a speed freak so I was using 110 exclusively.
Then later I got into MUni so I used 170 exclusively.
Now a days, I switch from 170(for MUni) and 150(cruising flats).

I DON’T recommend 89, you have NO control what’s so ever! :roll_eyes:

I just recently ordered 127 from UDC and have not tried yet.
I hope to use the 127 for cruising more soon.

My 2cents. :slight_smile: