140 mm Tensile Cranks

I have a pair of 140mm Onza Tensile cranks. Good condition except for a scraped up right side. Looking to get $90 OBO. I don’t think these cranks are made anymore and they are great for trials. Took them off my Onza unicycle after 6 months- 1 year of use and they haven’t been used since. Just send me a personal message on here. I’ll try and check my PM’s every day or two.

Bump and price drop down to $60.

If they’re still up for grabs I may consider it if they were around $60.

Just promised someone them. If they don’t get them I’ll sell them to you. Sorry, I just saw your post. My e-mail did not notify me of the post. You are definitely second in line though.

Sold. Good luck with finding a good pair of cranks.