14 palets for free

if you live in my area and u want 14 pallets for free let me know, you can have them,

i have to get rid of them cus were moving and i cant keep them cus the place were moving to has no room for them

Well… Alaska is a bit of a hike for me… But if you can’t find a home for them, maybe a nice bonfire before you leave would be a good idea.

I would really like some pallets but I’m not very close:(

how much would the shipping be? :stuck_out_tongue:

gl with the move but i think that bonfire is the best option. I need some pallets but anyone thinking of shipping them is nuts. Fire is always entertaining so go ahead and burn um.

I wouldnt burn them, Im sure someone else will have use with them.

take em back to the store you stole them from :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

iv got about 40 pallets from my course. i built it for my video and im going to have a really nice bonfire soon.
if you wanna see my course go the video section of the forum and click on “rileycrosby “bomb””


Why not keep them? One or two stacks dont take up much room.

my dad wants em to go away.

just like a parental unit.