14 ga. spokes on a kh 07 hub

It is supposed to take 13 ga. spokes but will 14 ga. spokes fit? If not where can I get 13 ga. spokes? Or should I spend an extra 25 bucks and get a nimbus hub?


Easiest way I’ve found for building wheels to get 182mm bmx spokes. Its the smallest of a “somewhat” common set of sizes, still kinda on the small size, although you can find these in many colors from tons of BMX shops.

All you have to do is lace it 4 cross instead of 3 and your good to go… 4 cross should be a stronger wheel as well.


It should work OK but if you want to do it all proper there are little brass washers that you can add between the spoke head and the hub to help them seat in the slightly too big holes. I don’t think that I would go through that much trouble with an 07 hub since they tended to get wonky flanges from hard riding.

Just build it and ride it, it should be fine.

EDIT: wait, where did you find a nimbus hub for $25? I could always use another ISIS hub…