14 foot unicycle on Ellen TV show

Sim Abrahms was the rider. It’s not the direct link. Your 1st click is the Ellen video page. Then Click on the video that says ''Don’t miss these incredible… for your 2nd click.

Sim is the last act of three. You can skip ahead.


i’ll give it to him… kind a tight space to ride… a fall there would be pretty nasty… i kinda think that was taller then 14 feet

Wow, he can really get high on his unicycle. I’d be so scared…

Cool video, thanks for sharing!!! BTW: his name is Sem not Sim, and 14 foot is nothing for someone who have the world record for riding the World’s Tallest Unicycle!!! (115’) :astonished:

ooo…i saw him on tv…i though he would do his fake falling thing that he did at a NAUCC one time…that would have been cool :sunglasses:

The video gets push back as the days goes on. CLick on the “more” for more videos. :roll_eyes: It’s one page back now and it will continue to get pushed back from the ‘‘most recent’’ list.

thanks for the complement and info… and the correction.

He did act like it was harder than it was.(for him) Ellen even commented on it.