13th Annual LBI Unithon

Ladies and Germs,

We are quite late this year getting started, but the 13th Annual LBI Unithon is set for Saturday, June 4, 2011.

What’s new this year? Well, it’s $30 now for the entry fee (the first increase in 13 years), 100% of which goes to the Alliance for a Living Ocean.

As always there will be cool t-shirts courtesy of Allan Hollowell. There will be beautiful weather. And there will be a shindig chez Sproul’s.

So, go to the LBI Unithon page still done in Web 0.0 and download your registration form and send it in. Then download your sponsor form and start rounding them up.

Also visit the LBI Unithon Facebook page and let everyone know how excited you are, how amazingly stoked you feel, and the ginormous extent of your anticipation as you wait the 39 days until New Jersey’s most massive and long running unicycle event.

Be there or be somewhere else.


This is a fantastic event and I wholehearted urge anyone within reasonable driving distance to attend with bells on. I have only ridden in one of these because coinciding events seem always to conspire against my returning, but I greatly desire to do the LBI unithon once (or more than once) more.

This year, alas, I will be at a wedding in upstate NY. And, as am sure Raphael will tell you, “yeah, yeah”.

Yeah, yeah, Steve.

But thanks for the plug.

Come on out folks!

There are three 13th Annual LBI Unithon t-shirts still available. Two medium and one small. For this year sharks ate the dolphins.

If anyone is interested they can be had for $10 all of which will go to the Alliance for a Living Ocean. I will gladly pay domestic shipping within the United States.

Email me at jsnood at verizon dot net. First come, first serve.