13g spoke nipple

So I broke a 13-gauge spoke nipple on my KH36, and it’s about impossible to find these silly items in bike shops. Anybody have one lying around, waiting to be put in an envelope and sent my way? Please PM me if you can help a brother out.

I’m thinking that I may need to simply get the UDC stainless 14g spokes and switch over the wheel to rid myself of this possibility happening again.

I love KH (the company, the products, the man himself), but I’m wondering what the rationale is behind using this offbeat spoke size.

I think all the new Kris Holm models are 14g spokes. To be fair, 13g spokes used to have some popularity in mountain bikes too, but that has died out for the most part.

On another note, someone mentioned before that the nipples on the KH wheels are not standard 13g nipples, but are thinner such that they fit a 13g spoke but use a standard 14g spoke wrench. Something to check on if you find another source of 13g nipples.

haha… that’s why they always crack?
i doubt that’s the case… ummm UDC and renegade are the only dealers in the united states that i could find at all… searched for 2 months off and on…
you have to buy spokes and nipples together… and the spokes from renegade are the wrong size.

Hmm. This is from a KH36 that I got in March, so that’s pretty new. But the spoke is definitely 13 gauge–2.25 mm on my calipers, and 14 gauge is 2.0.

I’m going to the oldest bike shop in town tomorrow because the owner tells me he has a box of very esoteric spoke nipples in his supply cupboard–the shop is over 70 years old–so I’m hoping I’ll find something to fix the wheel for a while. But I think I’ll just bite the bullet and order the SS 14g spokes and relace the wheel this winter.

13 ga. nipples

Your pretty close to me so postage is nothing. I’ve got some (.096"/2.4mm) if these are correct, how many do you need other than just one?

Lobbybopster sent me some large-diameter spoke nipples, but I guess they’re a little bigger even than my 13 gauge spokes. Maybe they’re 12 gauge? But regardless, I give big thanks to him for trying to help a fellow uni rider out, and he’s earned excellent karma points for his generosity.

Now, to solve the problem. I found solutions aplenty at municycle.ca, the Canadian UDC. Pete, the store owner, also sold me the KH36 to begin with, so I don’t know why I didn’t go to him first. Anyway, his store sells KH spokes in 371 mm (for a KH hub and Nightrider rim), in both 13 and 14 gauge. I ordered some replacement spokes in 14 gauge, and figure that those 10 spares will get me through the next year or so at least, at which point I might be ready to relace the entire wheel with 14 gauge spokes. Pete also let me know that he’s going to start selling packs of 13g spoke nipples, for those who find themselves in my position in the future. I don’t know why UDC US doesn’t have either of these products (the KH spokes in black for 36ers, or the 13g nipples), but it reinforces for me the excellent service and availability of products from municycle.ca.

I’m pleased that my problem is getting solved!