13g kh spokes with what spoke nipples?

I am ordering parts to set up a KH 29er (ungeared) with some parts I already have. I am going to order the 13g spokes from UDC. Where can I order the appropriate nipples for the wheelbuild (on a kh 29er rim)? I also know that getting 13g spokes is annoying, maybe it is the same way with the spoke nipples? Should I simply just bring the rim and hub to the LBS and have them build it up with 14g spokes? I know that most bike shops aren’t going to have 13g spokes or 13g nipples.


you need 13G nipples. But usually wen you get spokes them come with nipples.

and yes they are a pain to get hold of

In case anyone is interested or finds this thread in the future… the 13g KH spokes that are available on UDC do come with the 13g nipples. Problem solved.