13g (2.3mm) spoke nipples

I bought a 24" KH wheel set off the forums. The @#$%& rim is bent. The spokes are ground in places and one has been replaced with a smaller diameter spoke. When I tried to work on truing it I found the flats on a few of the nipples were rounded off. I had some nipples from straightening another wheel I had bent but they wouldn’t fit. I had a little good luck when I went to my LBS the mechanic was Noli’s roommate for awhile. He said they were 2.3 mm spokes not the normal 2.0mm and I would not be able to find them locally. He recommend web cyclery but I would have to call and talk to their wheel builder. I found they don’t have 2.3 mm nipples on their website and they are closed today to count inventory. I can get 40 from UDC Canada for $20. They say free shipping but I don’t know if it counts to the states. I bought the wheel set for the rim and the tires. As the rim is junk I don’t want to put much more money into it. Anyone have an idea where to get a few 2.3 mm (13g) nipples? Or is it a problem to throw a few more 2.0mm (14g) spokes in?


2,3 nipples are weak, it’s why KH moved to 2mm spokes around 2009
I think you can switch from 2,3 to 2mm spokes and nipples keeping the same hub, I think I had such hub fiitted with 2mm spokes on some of my unis

Mixed spoke diameters are generally not recommended, but with 36 spokes, a stiff rim and a small wheel I would not worry about it unless it is going to see really heavy use.

Like many things in life you can do it right, or you can do it “good enough”.

I would ride a wheel that is good enough but wouldn’t buy or sell one. Was the seller open about the condition of the wheel?

I have some. How many do you need?

Great! Thanks Munimag! I have 6 that are rounded off so if you have 8 or 10 to spare that be incredible. If you don’t have enough to spare for you I can find another way. I will pm you.

I delaced the rim and flattened most of the taco shape out of it. The flat spot didn’t move but not unexpected. It has a7" crease in the inner wall of the rim at the flat spot.

I did ask if the rim and hub were straight. He said they were straight. The box had no damage. That said I like to think that it had been sitting for some time and he had a large collection of unis, he had just forgotten the condition of the wheel.

I think I will get the wheel together as best I can and put the kids on it. I will take over the Nimbus the oldest rides. By the time he is heavy enough and skilled enough to destroy it we will know if it is a size wheel we want to put more money in to.

Thanks all