137mm KH Cranks

Need a pair of 137mm KH cranks, moment or spirit.

Out of curiosity do you have 150/125 moments to trade for 137 moments?

Unfortunately not. I use my 150/125s on my 29.

Just checking. I use 137s on my 29er and they have been working well. Good luck finding what you need!

They still have 137 moments at unicycle.com Canada and they’re half price.

$72.43 with shipping to the US. Is that a good deal, or do you think I can find much cheaper used…? Do 137s get sold a lot here?

It is usually longer cranks but it pops up from time to time.

For the record, the last set of cranks close to what you are looking for is the Qu-ax ISIS tubular from NurseBen in 140mm and I think they are still available… :wink:

NurseBen’s cranks spring cleaning thread