137 drilled moments

title says it all

im to scared to drill mine and was wondering if anyone had any they would be willing to sell

Thanks, Jacob

Do you want a second threaded hole or just drilled out to save weight? I have a pair I drilled and tapped at 114mm but one of them was tapped crooked. I would trade you them for an undrilled pair, If you want to save weight I could even put a few more (unthreaded) holes in them.

It is really not that hard to drill some holes is you have a drill press.

im in it to save weight

would you be interested in selling the ones you have? If so i would be very interested :slight_smile:

and also i have a drill press and the right tools but i only have one pair of 137’s right now so i dont want ruin the only pair i have.

Thanks, Jacob

Also if anyone has a set of 137mm moments that you are interested in selling send me a PM of a price

Thanks, Jacob

I am only interested in a trade, not selling, since I also need the cranks for my unicycle.

I would not worry about wrecking your cranks so much. Moments are way overbuilt and you can remove quite a bit of material before they get weak.

just look at some patterns other people have done and then start drilling. The alloy is quite hard so I would drill the holes in at least three stages and remember to use plenty of cutting oil.

I can sell my 137mm i have drilled and undrilled 137mm cranks but I live in Belgium so shipping costs will be high?