136 and Leftovers

Some new and some leftover footage. My good video camera broke :frowning: so i’m taking footage with a little digital camera now.


NOPE!!! don’t watch those, the quality is horrible i’m uploading better now

136! :astonished: thats crazy! I loved the video, my favorite parts were the gap/up at 1:52, the line at 2:09, and of course the 136. Is that the world record? Anyway, its my favorite video of all the ones I’ve seen in a while. Keep it up.

Edit: oops I already watched them

Wow that was crazy. I couldn’t wait any longer to watch haha. The rolling hop to bench, then the trey off was easily my favorite part. Also the huge playground gap was sick.

better hopefully:



That was amazing! 136! I’m in awe:D

What’s your SI high hop record?

hands down the best all around rider there is and probably ever will be in this sport. Max, I friggin love your intensity that you bring to this sport. It gives us ALL a push. Thanks man. Hope to see you at NAUCC next year.

So crazy! best all around unicyclist ever?


HAHA, no question.

Wow thats huge! great riding

I think it is around a meter but i’m not entirely sure :thinking:

That wall you did in duluth was 110 and you got it 1st time you actually committed to it so i think you could do 115 and beat joe whos gotten 114.

duh :astonished:

nice :stuck_out_tongue:
you are the best rider in the world (all around+ trial):D:D:D
136 hop is amazing!! new world record? :slight_smile:

Joe got 136 not long after unicon and think hes gone higher but he wont actually say.So atm its a tie :D.Fabian is unknown lol

WOW! That was huge! :astonished:

I loved the treyflip off the back of the bench :wink:

i think joe does in this video:http://unicycle.tv/video/935-smallUTVvideo
142cm :astonished: :roll_eyes: :wink:

:astonished: Like others said. One of the best all around riders, maybe even the best.

its awesome how high joe, max and fabian can jump now if you look back 1 year :roll_eyes: :astonished: :astonished:

but i wouldn´t say that max is the best alround rider…maybe look at krisz kovacs who got 122cm rolling and who is one of the best in flat and street :roll_eyes: