135 koxx one street crank on kris holm hub??

I would like to know what about 135 koxx one street crank on a kris holm hub, does it fit perfectly? or it would be better to buy a koxx one hub! thanks :smiley:

sam haber is the guy you wanna talk to, he’s done it a couple of times i i think.

I use k1 cranks on a kh hub and it works fine. It seemed a little tight to install, but then a new pair of moments were also tight on their first installation.

I personally like the KH ones more, but if you really do want to put the K-1 ones on it should fit fine (so I’ve been told).

I got a pair of Koxx-one trials cranks, I tried to pu them on my KH hub just to see what was different. The only difference is that the Koxx-one ISIS is just a little bit bigger than the real ISIS, but it stills fit on the KH hub, you just have to remove your hub spacers and it should fit correctly. I think I read somewhere that the street cranks might hit the frame where the brearing holders are, if so, you have to grind a bit your frame. There should be some people that tried so they can probably help better than me.

if you buy a new pair of the street cranks, it should fit perfectly… K1 is true ISIS now…

riight, so we’ve cleared up that that fit on KH hubs, but will they definately work with an 08 KH frame?

I’m pretty sure they do now, I’ll search for it first… Yep they do fir in the 08 KH frames. Here’s a Koxx-one wheel set with K-1 street cranks in an KH double crown frame.Click here to see it!

From the french forum( http://monocycle.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1680&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=825 )