134 mm bearing pitch

I need to fit a 134mm bearing pitch hub into a unicycle. I own a 29" 2017 kh and a 29" 2005 kh… do you think I can enlarge the fork just “stretching” it? Will it completely compromise structure? Can you suggest me any other frame which could do the job without spending too much?

Don’t do it to aluminum.

Get a steel frame and it won’t be a problem. Keep in mind that you are spreading the frame quite a bit, and the bearing holders will no longer be square. So after re-spacing the frame you will need to realign the bearing holders.

So far I have never heard of a unicycle hub with 134mm bearing pitch, what is the hub you want to use? It would be very tough to stretch the frame an other 34 mm apart (almost impossible, even on a steel frame), and produce a lot of extra stress on the bearing.

Ask Roger Davies as he is involved in uni and penny market

134mm Bearing!

What I think you are describing is the overall width, (outside of bearing to outside of bearing) of a centerline of bearing 125mm hub. Could this be the case?

That’s the same pitch as a Huffy Green machine hub and I had someone bend a generic 20" steel frame to accommodate it (and drill a hole for a caliper brake). I agree that an aluminum frame is a bad idea and a cheap steel frame shouldn’t have machined bearing caps so the changes angle will be less of an issue. I rode that uni for hundreds of miles. Incidentally it was the generous gentleman above that gifted me the hub. Thanks again, Mark!

Your welcome. but what we have seen you do on video!!! I owe you that pleasure!

Can you tell me how it was to rife j.r. game changer? Was it impossible to freemount? What size or wheel did you use?

You pedal very slow and can go reasonably fast so it’s great for cruising on flat, smooth terrain. It’s built into a 20" wheel and you can’t change that without major modifications. You’re also stuck with 125mm cranks or shorter. I usually need 5 minutes to get warmed up to mounting it but after that it’s not too bad. You just have to stay in a slow motion mindset.