133 Street Cranks by Koxx-One

It rained outside ?!
You would love to ride but you can’t because your cranks are slippery ?!
All that is finished !! Now you can ride even if it’s wet !

Has anyone tried them yet? Are they really better in wet conditions? And how are they for Grinds?

I know lisa hogrelius has a pair, you could ask her!

benny used them. he said they’re too small but he got used to them. :frowning:

That’s personal preference, there are people who love 125mm for Street, Flat and even for Trials.
Plus these have only 4mm difference to Kris Holm Moments.

no not short small :wink:

Ooooops :D:D:D
But that’s surprising, because i think the 135 mm ones are even a bit smaller :thinking: :thinking:

Is it me or does it seem that these don’t add any grip? I don’t understand why the small holes would add grip. Pedals have grip because they have pins, and shoes have holes.

Likely it’s due to the material and surface finish on them - a bit like gripper tape on skateboards I presume.

The holes will help as it means the water and muck doesn’t stay on the flat surface, instead migrates to the holes.