130cm pedal grab video.

i did it today onto a wall

it doesnt look that high from the video but i assure you it is.

straight afterwards we pulled out the measuring tape

thats 51" or 4’3’’ for you imperial folks

andrew carter will post here soon with the exact location of the video

or if you want shared.media (at) gmail.com has it



Come on Alex, that’s just plain rude. I asked you not 15 minutes ago to let me upload the video to unicyclist.com before making this thread.

Uploading now.

i dont see it on shared.media… hmmm

the most recent item seems to be your crankflip thingy


i was gonna mention that too, my new trick that ive yet to master.

its a reply to the original pedal grab video.

its ok… it will be in a gallery soon

i thought you just went away and left me here all alone. and i grew impatient… sorry andrew

Now in the gallery…

Not sure why I even bother, but the videos are now in this album - http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album359


Very nice videos Alex, I really like that new trick of yours.

incredible! ive forgotten, what are kris and ryan’s pedal grab records?

i really like the new trick u invented, looks really smooth



that pedal grab was huge but something else caught my eye…the truck drop. holy crap! how high was that thing??? i watched that vid maybe 10 times in a row and i was still as surprised on the 10th as i was on the 1st time i saw it. geeze…whats ur technique on keeping ur nuts from completely getting nut-cracked between you and the seat?

keep up the awsome drops


it was about 8’ off the top of the cabin…

my seat turned after i landed on that one… thats why i rode off funny… keep you seatpost tight… and seat lowish. and always try and roll out of them.

for drops. esp like the crazy ones french yoggi does. you need to be really strong. to keep as solid, yet shock absorbing as possible. it takes strength ive found.

my, profile cranks arent the same either… this drop is in their ‘i want them to break so i can get straight ones again’ stage of performance., hence the big drops

I love the Tomflip trick! Very innovative! (Is ‘Tomflip’ your name for the trick or Andrew’s?)

It looks like you land your 130cm pedal grab with your rear pedal. Is this true? Doesn’t it make the hop to rubber extremely off-balance and awkward? I first learnt crank grabbing with my rear pedal then when I tried to do seat out pedal grabs on the rear pedal I found the hop up to rubber really awkward. So much so that I learnt to grab with my chocolate (forward) foot. I wonder if I could have saved myself the trouble of re-learning this skill… I’ll have to go and try rear pedal grabs again.

thats crazy :astonished:

I do it with my rear pedal, but I use the crankflip technique.
After you land on the object with your back pedal, bring the free pedal up behind, so now the pedal on the object is in front. Then pull the uni up and jump at the same time, so the wheel turns 180 degrees, and land with your pedals in the right position again.

Not only does it work, but it also looks really sweet.

i pull up the uni from back foot. its way less effect than the way everyone else does it… but i can do 130cm this way (onto walls and whatnot) so that kinda makes up for it.

the only thing it sucks on is posts. i cant really get up to posts vary well at all… if i need to get up to one, ill switch sides, and feet.

nah you didnt waste any time re-learning the skill. to know how to do it both feet is way better than only being able to do it with one foot. even if either are a little less effective than if you only learn once.

can you do that sh*t onto posts?
thats crazy

I can’t. But I’ve heard that the guy who invented it, Mike Middleton(I think) can do it on to things about 8cmx8cm.

Nice pedalgrab. Super big.

Last I heard Kris’ record is about 114cm. Ryan’s is off the charts.

I seem to remember Mike Middleton doing this kind of grab onto the top of a 4x4 (3.5"x3.5"). I am sure he’s done it onto stuff as small as 5.5"x5.5".

Damn. Beaten by seconds.

sounds cool…

probably something worthwhile practicing by the sounds of things too.

Which video has the 130cm pedal grab?

I deleted it because this thread was posted ages ago. I can put it back up if you want.


Actually, now Alex can post it in the gallery.unicyclist.com/free4all gallery.



it comes out in america soon