130 cm Side Hop by Max Schulze

I cant see it either. But I know it happened. Sweet!

The video is probably just processing maybe. Who knows.

That looks so huge! Great job!

What can you get over the bar?

I want to see it!!! :slight_smile:
Joe will need to do his best to keep his record :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg that is insane !!!
So high :o
Good camera position!!, looks a lot higher than the video of joe and mark hitting 130 :stuck_out_tongue:
and its amazing clean

edit: ok I can see it :smiley:

Woah Max that’s crazy! Good job!

Damn, thats one high and clean hop :astonished:
Impressive work Max, keep it going

that is huge


Holy Crap! How is that even possible?

I want to ask you, how do you practice jumping without hurting your knees. I am always working on my height but my knees always kill. Do you do cross training?

Dang! that was huge! Congratulations.

With skill and finesse

Dude :slight_smile:


That is amazing! it’s huge!!! :astonished:

You made that look so easy…

With only one prehop. Take that Joe! Ha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm. Awesome.

Great job with that. The only place you can go from there is higher. Go for it, haha. Sick.

ummm, thats big…

that thing is probably at my shoulder height…

You suck Max!

I can crankflip higher than that!

Good one Shaun!!!

oops i mean pele