13 mile bikeathon write up

Today i rode the leukamia research bikeathon on my 26" pashley unicycle i was cycling with my friend who was on her bike.

We began at the thorpe hall school and i recieved lots of comments :slight_smile:

The first 8 or so miles was around fields so there was little traffic, i encountered a fall around the second mile where i hurt my wrist and hand and my leg started bleeding but not enough to stop me. We made it to the first checkpoint with no more dismounts or UPD’s. We got our cards signed and got ahead of the other cyclists.We carried on for another 5 miles and ended up at great wakering medical centre which was the second checkpoint, by now it had started to get hard and my “Buttocks” haha if you get me was starting to hurt and i dismounted every 500m or so sometimes less.This made it alot harder to focus on cycling. When we got to the seafront the sea breeze made it alot more pleasant to cycle, plus an added cycle lane meant no cars beeping…well as much.

We carried on up a hill which i dismounted at 3 or 4 times due to being a little tired, we ended up back at the thorpe school in 3 hours 15 mins ish =]

Great ride 8 out of 10


How much did you raise? Do you know how far you rode in the end? 3 1/4 hours is along time riding congrats

I rode 13 miles and i raised about £200 along with my friend=]

Great job, and quite a good sum of money you raised.

Congratulations Gagtape. Sounds like you’ve had a good day (despite the cuts, bruises and sore bits). More importantly, you’ve set yourself a yardstick to measure your next long ride against. I’m sure next year will be even quicker!


Thanks guys =] it was fantastic but im all cleaned up now and im about to go riding again haha

Good work fella.

I think by ‘fella’ you mean ‘fellaette’ as gagtape is of the feminine variety of uni rider :wink:


Oop, sorry.

Hey, sometimes it’s hard to tell, y’know!

=] hehe dont worry happens alot but yes i am female =]

Well done Gagtape.

That is a good distance to cover.

Is this going to be an annual event?