127 vs 125 cranks

I now have a pair of 127 and 125 moments for flatland use on two different trials unis:

  • The 127/110 dual hole on my KH20
  • 125s on my Impact Gravity

You’d think 2mm would make absolutely no difference, but for some reason I feel a lot more control and torque with the 127s on my KH20. Is that possible? I really don’t think it’s psychological. Do you think there’s some other factor at play between the two unis? Both have Naomi seats, both have rollos installed, and both are at about the same height. Even the wheels are the same, rims, tires etc.

What gives?

So what about the Q-factor? The spirits should have more Q-factor than the moments.

They are both Moments, but appear to be different years. The 125s have the thread inserts, the 127/110s do not, so I think the 127s are newer. I wonder if the qfactor could be different.

They feel like a different beast. I have trouble hopping seat out in front with the 125s compared to the 127s, that is to say I feel more stable and comfortable setting up to do tricks on the 127s. But, again, I can’t imagine that 2cm would make any difference which is why I bought the 125s.

It’s very weird. There must be another factor, like the frame, or qfactor.

I think it makes perfect sense since your midi-chlorian count is very high.

Seriously though, I don’t know if you could really feel the difference. 2mm’s is about 1.5% longer. I guess I can sort of tell the difference between 165’s on my fixie, to the 172.5’s on my roadie. It’s not enough of a difference to make me feel any performance difference, but I can feel it.

The short dual hole moments didn’t have inserts due to less space between the holes, and the larger holes necessary for the inserts. I think that gaining strength through dropping the inserts was thought to be okay since the cranks were designed for road use.

Do they also have the same Pedals?

Yes, twisted PCs.

They are two different unis. Different wheels, different frames, tires, etc. It’s going to make a difference in the way they ‘feel’, could all be in your mind, but that doesn’t make you feel it less.

If you want to settle it, just pick one unicycle and try both crank sizes on it.

You beat me to saying it… :stuck_out_tongue: