127 mm quax cranks for kh hub

i just put a pair of these on my uni,

there is still a nub but it’s smaller and the cranks have more q-factor so the nub shouldn’t be that big of a problem

i haven’t done anything big on the cranks yet but i will report on how the cranks hold up as soon as i have

the cranks hold up really well, i’ve grinded some handrails on them, cleared some 5 and 6 stairs, done a couple of 4-5 ft drops and they’re holding up great

Hey i got a pair of these too. I snapped my original KH’s.

So far so good. It took me about one session to get used to the shorter length compared to the 140mm KHs. They still have the nub and i still hit my ankle on it every once in a while when i mess up something big. The nub is no worse; perhaps better than KH’s cause of the Q (as Dibs mentioned).

My review conclusion will be that theyre just as as good as the original KH cranks and at 45€, theyre FRICKIN CHEAP! :astonished: :smiley: