125's for trials

who likes them?good/bad points? i have them what do you think

to me 125 are the best for trails. The faster you can go the higher you can hop and distance :wink: in my view. Im going to get some 125’s on my trials when I get it built.


Yeah, I think the smoothness and speed would definately have its advantages.
I was thinking about this the other day, I think sometimes 140s are too long, especially for messing around etc. I find the pedalling motion on my freestyle with 125s to be much more comfortable, especially like 180s to backwards riding. I think 140mm are better suited to trials trials where you need maximum control and where the pace may be slightly slower, not necessarily street trials where you’re trying to be more fluid. When I have the change, I may get a 19"Qu-Ax wheelset with 125s.

hmm this is very interesting to read this, as im about to place an order for a KH hub, soi will be going from 125’s to 140’s, youve bot me thinking that naybe i should just get nother pair of BE cranks to replace my twisted ones rather than a splined set up. i would get the Qu-ax job but yellow wont go with my plans for the final look of my unicycle.

You could always spray it couldn’t you? Would it still chip if it wasn’t actually having anything rubbing the paint off? I guess the spokes would make a bit of paint peel after a while… Hmmm what about sand/shot blasting it and having it powder coated? Definately go for splined tho, I hated not wanting to do certain things too much for fear of being a unicycle down til I could get my next order in.

i think worring bout the final look sucks it’s only gonna get scratched up anyway my muni (qu-ax) is all black with a yellow hub.I would go for the whole wheel set if you gonna get a qu-ax as you probli have a a 36 hole not a 48 hole rim i have heard mixed theorys on if it fits but a 48 in a 48 is much stronger!
As i was saying i would go for the whole thing becuz it’s only £135 for rim/spokes/tyre/hub/cranks as far as i know thats cheaper then a kh on it’s own.If you go down the onza path wells it’s £120 but if you can’t make a wheel it will probli cost u some to get done plus spokes if you needed them(good idea i think)
Qu-ax wheel sets rock i just don’t like their saddles(cheep crappy version of kh) which i broke with in a month.THANKS Roger for replacing that!And their frame with brake thingys are alittle heavy the one that o.w.s is ok tho i hope.
As for going from 125’s to 140’s that will be fine i went from a 20 trials with 125’s to a 24" muno(ha ha ha typo but it’s my new name for muni now!) with 170’s!!!

Generally I don’t have a major biff with my Onza 140s, so I’m happy with them, tho if I have the change kicking around, I may get a different wheelset.

No way! Having a uni that looks good is very important- not as important as quality parts of course, but you feel much sexier if you’re on a sexy unicycle! :wink: and battle scars make it look rugged sexy! I thought the Qu-Ax saddles were produced by Velo too, they even have the KH sig on them now! I checked out the 19" Qu-Ax trials wheelsets with tyre today and that was £140… 48 spoke hub and fit a 36 hole rim, and as a 19" is so small, I think the chances of tacoeing one is slim, but I’d probably just get the whole wheelset for convenience.

Get the frame Ben, it’s well worth it!

I much prefer my KH 140s over the previous BE 125s. The extra length gives you more power when you need it, such as on narrow or uneven surfaces where the wheel is trying to roll out from underneath you.

Yes, they are probably a bit slower, but that’s hardly a problem; I don’t use the trails uni to go anywhere.


gotta agree with phil here, i got an onza a mere 2 days ago, and immediately felt a significant improvement. I could now ride things thinner than i ever could (just over a tyre width) and i could hop between gaps on thin objects with apparent ease, the tyre would just grip so much, and the torque from the 140’s would keep me hangin on the edge, where on my 24x3 with 150’s i would fall off. And you really arent going to try to get anywhere fast on a trials anyway, so the speed isnt a problem

Depends what your going to be doing, My muni has 102’s on lol, it doesnt stop me.
for my anything bigger then 125’s on a 20" should be for only riding because its not a smooth ride. The onza 20" is good at muni but for trials i wud prefer 125’s.


got my municycle.com 20" black frame the other day, got an almost all black uni now, when i get my KH hub and cranks itll be sweet, and then i can get my frame the colour ive bin waiting for.

If you get any thing by qu-ax get it through roger that is where i got my munO(my word 4 muni) and my wheel set it saved me a packet on postage!
Yeah i can see the advantages of 140’s but i don’t have much money now but the grrrrreat thing about qu-ax hubs is they use b.m.x cranks thus i hope i can get then through the local bike shop!so sometime i might look down that way when the 125’s are scratched to s^*t
Yeah the frame will be the month after next’s thing as i need some new shoes i plan to get these if they still have my size when i get paid!http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/viewproduct.asp?category=Shoes&ModelID=4098
I can see your point having a good looking uni is cool has anyone seen phils 29er that is a beast i must say!I basically don’t have the money to be able to care what my uni’s look like.And trev what hub/crank set are you planing on getting?

Well I’ve been charged £9 for some little odds and sodds from unicycle.uk.com like a 20" wheel, but I got a 29er from Municycle.com for £11 shipping… Plus the hub/cranksets are cheaper there. Do the Qu-Ax have the hole that Profiles do? Cuz I thought they were unicycle specific cranks and Qu-Ax a unicycle specific company? Surely the cranks are goona be cheaper and easier to find from unicycle/municycle.com? Could be wrong tho!

I got KH hub/cranks on my muni with a black Qu-Ax frame, looks super nice.

102s on a muni?! Dude, you must have the strongest legs! What size wheel is it?

Again, I think the riding of skinnies and gapping is largely trials rather than street based. I think the 140s come into their own when you need maximum control when you’re moving slowly and getting the focus is getting from A to B before B to C, rather than street riding , where you seem to flow more and, in my minds eye, get from A to F via B, C, D and E if you see what I mean. not sure that makes sense to anyone but me. So for this more fluid style I can see 125s having an advantage over 140s but probably not for trials.

I have painted my qu-ax hub.



that looks so rad! lol i would rather have a yellow frame i have not seen one of those before or mayb a orange one that looked cool in universe 2 but anyways like i said i am poor!

Municycle.com again, they do yellow frames, albeit only standard ones round shouldered ones, which I think look pretty cool. Unicycle.uk.com can powdercoat frames too for £20 which isn’t too bad.

O.W.S yeah i think that they r a unicycle only company but saying that you can get bike cranks to fit a kh hub.It says on the hub/cranks page that the r bmx cranks i think not sure tho