125mm or smaller, square tapered cranks

My buddy and I have recently started a unicycle club in Northwest Arkansas(Fayetteville). One of our unicycles that we use for teaching, has(inexplicably) 150mm cranks on it(it’s a 20"). This makes it very difficult for kids to learn on. Just looking for some cheap cranks in 125mm or shorter length. Donations would be preferred. We could cover shipping.


I got a pair of chrome CR-MO 127mm cranks from my old learner uni. I’ll let them go for 10$. PMme if you want them, I’ll try to find them first! It should be lying in one of my uni parts boxes.

Is that $10 shipped? I’m pretty sure that $10 plus shipping from Canada would be more expensive than a new pair from UDC or the LBS.


/100th post! Not bad for two years of lurking. :slight_smile:

Well, just PM me your postal code and I’ll check shipping cost. 10$ shipped should be good:)

I have two pairs of 125mm square taper. One has a broken nub in it and won’t thread in…but the other pair works fine. PM me.

We found some locally. Thanks for all of the posts and private messages, though.