125mm cranks on a 36er - why didn't I do this earlier?

I think i found that special someone who is capable of breaking my speed record. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You know, funnily enough, in my mind it’s the opposite. Cept, I replace sissies with “cyclists” cuz that’s much more pc. :slight_smile:

I have 170’s on my µニ and, though I haven’t tried any other sizes, they are good for mashing up and down steep hills on the technical single track that I like to ride.

The cyclists (read sissies) like to use short cranks and brakes… :slight_smile:

But hey, that’s just my overly jaded opinion. :wink:

Speaking of the qu-ax 36, does ANYBODY know anything about it at all? I’m very curious about any of it’s details.

OK, you guys are beginning to scare me now :slight_smile:

This looks like a good thread to talk about my current experiences. I too started with 150s, but went to 125s relatively quickly. I have also used 170s for some MUni, 140s for the San Francisco tour, and all both those shorter sizes for MUni. The shorter the crank, the flatter you’ll want your chosen trails to be!

Currently I have started training for a ride (partway, for me) around Lake Tahoe. This ride involves lots of hills and altitude, so I’m not considering anything shorter than the 125s I used last year. I find it a good all-around size for road riding and all but really steep hills. If I were riding it to work like I used to, I’d definitely give the 110s a try. I don’t like the loss of control you get as the cranks get shorter though. You need enough “oomph” to be able to make corrections from unseen bumps & such. My riding is too varied to go with really short cranks.

Just changed my tire to the Radial TA. Couldn’t get the old Coker tire off my (original) Airfoil rim, so I “took advantage” of my local bike shop for the tire change. After all, they only charge $7.00 to change a tire so I thought that was quite reasonable! :slight_smile:

I installed a computer on the cycle as well. Several searches only found me numbers for the Coker tire. Anyone got suggestions on cycle computer rollout numbers for the Radial tire?

Alloy rim, narrow than the airofil but the correct diametre, 48H, Qu-Ax ISIS freestyle hub (the red one). That’s all the info that’s been floating around.

I hope it’s a black frame.

Looks crome to me.

Based on that tiny picture the frame looks the same as the Coker (looks like round tube changing to oval midway down the fork). Splined may be seen as overkill for most riders, but this could be part of a move by Qu-Ax to all-splined on their higher-end products. That would be nice for unicycling in general as it would make splined stuff more available and cheaper.

Oh, I didn’t realize there was a picture of it. Looks pretty nice.

I emailed them about it, they told me they wanted to move ALL unicycles to ISIS, also theres no braking surface on that rim.

EDIT: oops you were right JF, he said all high end, not all. Heres the email:

I emailed municycle.com a couple weeks ago asking about it and this was their reply:

It’s only the freestyle splined hub, I guess the interface is equally strong but it’s not like a ‘real’ splined hub, so not too overkill.

I don’t know…it sounds like you’re saying real men avoid hills.

Did that make sense to anybody? Or in other words, what exactly is different on the Freestyle cranksets? At a guess I’d think they are the same dimensions, but perhaps not as heat treated/hardened, to keep the cost down. That would leave you with “just” a hub that’s stronger with most or all square tapers…

Square taper is overkill. I want to see cotter pins.

Did that make sense to anyone? :smiley:

I presume that the red hub is made of lesser materials, the axle must be the same thickness else it wouldn’t conform to ISIS but Qu-Ax must feel there is a fair discrepancy between this and their yellow ISIS hub, else they wouldn’t bother to make two different hubs would they?. Less strength = less overkill for cokering.

Ahh…here we go, all is right in the world again. I’m back on the side of kington, and against Johnny, as it should be. :wink:

I personally don’t think anything’s overkill. Weld them suckers together if you want, I would just like a threefooter that could be ridden HARD and fast, and not worry about anything breaking.

I just checked and it looks like it’s at municycle.com, and it’s $405 but only being shipped to peeps from Europe right now.

Wow, that’s really annoying. Take a long time writing something up in an edit, and it goes bye bye…guess that’s something I should have realized and not done.

So, I don’t feel like rewriting everything that I said, but the jist is that I noticed on municycle.com that it says that it comes with a standard Qu-Ax seat. If it’s the same seat as on my µニ, then it’s a perfectly good seat and there is no reason to swap it out as had been stated.

The reason for this is that I had that seat, it broke do to no fault of it’s own (I threw my µニ over a river that I was crossing on a log, and it landed on the seat and cracked the base) and I thought it would be great to “upgrade” to the new Freestyle saddle. This brought about my understanding of how your nether regions can go numb as I had read before.

That never happened on the Qu-Ax. Despite the Qu-Ax being deeper with more of a curvature, if you sit in the right place, it’s not much of a deterent, and aside form that, it has much thicker padding and is much thinner than the KH.

So, in short, I actually think that Qu-Ax is a more comfortable seat for SingleTrak’n than the Freestyle.

Is it the same seat that comes on the Qu-Ax trials?

I put that seat on my Coker…it’s more comfortable that the UDC for sure.

I was going to go ahead and buy another saddle…but I kinda like the UDC saddle on my trials…it’s much thinner.