125 or 137 for Street/Flat

I’ve started dabbling in street and flat and I am wondering what riders out there think about 125 for 137 on a trials uni. I have 125s on my 24 street and like the speed for rolling hops. I currently have 137 on my 20 in trials uni. It is hard to get up a lot of speed for rolling hops. I am in the process of trying to learn spins, flips, and wraps.

125s for street and flat all the way…specially for streeet…more speed :slight_smile: 137s+ are more for trials in my opinion

If you want the speed, go for 125’s. If you find you don’t have enough control with 125’s, go to 137’s.

125’s for street
137’s for flatland


If I remember you from the Vancouver Muni Weekend correctly, you’re pretty tall. I’m also tall, and have proportionally large feet. I personally find the extra centimetre on each crank handy when landing larger unispins. It’s always nice to have lots of room to stand on the cranks for rolls and wraps.:slight_smile:

Oh no, I hate changing cranks.

Yeah, I’m 6’2’’ with size 11 feet. OK, so a vote for 137s. My only beef with them so far is that they are dog slow, but I guess a trials uni is pretty slow no matter what.

just stick with the 24inch for street, thats what im doing now and i really highly doubt im ever going to ride my trials uni hard ever again

Zero experience myself, but I’d say 125 on the trials.
Or you could get the one of the pair drilled w/ a second hole like Beau’s trials/flat uni (if memory serves his cranks are 104/125). For me that’d be too short, I’d drill the 137’s to 110 or 114 mm.

If you don’t end up liking it I bet it’ll come in handy on your 36".

What tire are you running for your 24 street? I have a hookworm on mine. I like it a lot, except for it is kind of harsh landing big drops and a little bouncy on stairs.

why ask other people on their own preference? try them both out and see what suits u best. theres no right or wrong in unicycling, just go with whatever u like

Im using a hookworm and love it


Good point. Just looking for input on what has worked well for others to help decide which to use while learning new tricks.

Before today, I had 125s on the 24 street and 137s on the trials. That just didn’t seem right. Switched them around 24-137 and 20-125 and everything seems just right now. Up to 16’’ height on my rolling hop on both.

Landed my first ever 180 unispin today! Old dogs can learn new tricks after all.