125 or 130mm ISIS cranks

I’m looking for some 125 or 130mm ISIS cranks. I’m currently sharing my Nimbus 2 Venture 125mm cranks between my road 36er and my Nimbus Trials, and I’d either like to find some additional 125s that I could put on either, or some 130s for the trials.

Ideally, I’d like to find some cheaper 125s to put on the 36er (I only ride it on the road), and just leave the 125mm Ventures on the trials, but if someone had a decent set of 130s for flatland/freestyle that might also double for some lighter trials stuff, that would be great too.

If you’ve got any of this stuff sitting around collecting dust and want to “thin the herd a bit” let me know. Prefer shipping only from within the US.


I have a next to new pair of 125 nimbus venture 2’s(black) that I’ll let go for $30 shipped. They came on my wife’s 24" uni and I swapped them right away. If you would like the black nimbus pedals as well I’ll send everything in a USPS flat rate box today for $40.


Massive thanks to rockjunkie15! The cranks are sold, and he’s already shipped them within minutes after sending payment. Wow! Very cool! :sunglasses:

I’ll update and close this thread when they get here. Yippee! :slight_smile:

Just got the cranks in, they are very nice, and I don’t think anyone has ever shipped anything that fast before. Rockjunkie15 truly ROCKS! :sunglasses: