125 hub options

What are the hub options for a light weight (under 600) 32 hole hub disc or not just light and strong. The nimbus disc 125 isis weighs in at 748. Is this the only option? Doesn’t someone make a 125 32 hole half that weight?

There was a aluminum spindled 36 spoke 125mm bearing pitch disk hub but I am not sure if they are available anywhere anymore. I bought a couple when they were on sale.

I don’t think a light 32 hole 125mm disk hub was ever built.

A light hub pretty much only really helps if you are hopping, and the lightweight aluminum hubs aren’t meant for jumping or rough use. I would just get the steel one and live worry free.

Nimbus Oracle 32" is using a 125mm 36H hub in 2 versions : Steel without disc, aluminum with disc

I don’t think 32H 125mm hub is existing, but a custom might be possible based on the Nimbus Oracle hub, ask Roger directly

125 hub

I made a custom 32 hole disk hub on my 27.5 plus. Way to much work if a phone call and a credit card can do it faster. Really hoping to find one available, even a ti hub.

The US had some 125mm wide disc hubs made with 32 hole for the Oregon wheelsets. They may still have some available, I would check there. Certainly the UK does not have any.

The new steel hubs are a lot lighter than they were, they are even lighter than the old composite aluminium/steel hubs.

I don’t believe we ever produced a 32 hole aluminium, 125mm wide hub.

One solution would be to build the wheel, 36 hub to 32 hole rim. I have done this and it is not too hard to do.



Ordered a Nimbus 125 32 hole ,seems to be the only option. If anyone has a good source for titanium bar stock other than McMaster Carr I would like to know. Now If I can just find 2" diameter stock to make a prototype


+1 for OnlineMetals.com suggestion. I’ve ordered from them numerous times for various projects, and they are good vendors. :slight_smile:


Does anyone have a broken Titanium hub I could experiment with?