125 150 moments to trade for 137s

Hey, I have a set of 125 150 double hole KH Moment cranks I would like to trade for single hole 137s. The double holes retail for more , but I will trade even. I would also consider selling, USA shipping $80 to your door.


I also have single hole 125s if anyone is interested.

how much for the 125?

hey, I just realized UDC is out of stock of 137s so at the moment I am up for trade only. (I just want 137s for my 29er :roll_eyes: )
Aww, I’ll send the 125s to your door for $70, but would still rather trade for 137s.

You’ll need to drop your prices a little if they’re in that kind of condition

these are sold, pending receiving check.


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Backed out of said deal, these are in perfect shape functionaly. Aside from a few scratches and some paint from a wall there just like new.
I Have a deal available for some 137s, so I would ship USA for $70. This is $28plus shipping cheaper than new.


Since you posted my info, I’ll back-up my “back-out”…
Of course, I wouldn’t normally do this but for some reason, you felt compelled to “call me out”.

I need to purchase a bunch of parts for a project uni. I am looking for the best possible deal on said parts and $28 less than new for these cranks just didn’t seem like such a great deal now that I am paying shipping for a bunch of other parts. In addition, I really don’t like dealing with money orders; I wouldn’t have been able to get to the post office and get one until next Monday.

So, if it were more convenient (paypal), I would have purchased them ASAP. Do I really think they’re worth $70…no…not if I have to go to the post office, wait on line to purchase the M.O. and mail you the M.O (basically like mailing cash). I wouldn’t have offered the $70 if I thought I’d have to go through the trouble of going to the post office. I’m a busy guy and the time it would take to get the M.O. is actually worth more than $28. The only reason I didn’t back out right away agfter you told me you would only take a money order is because I thought I’d get to the post office that day.

Sorry you felt complelled to call me out on this, good luck selling the cranks.

-Tim Irving
Portland, OR

A bit touchy?:o
Just keeping the trading post posted.
I have another deal on hold and felt these deals needed a little transparancy.
I wasn’t attacking you.
I’m sorry you took it that way.