125,137,150 cranks ISIS

Just got a 27.5" Nimbus Oracle - the cranks are 165mm and they’re just wayyy too long.

Looking to trade them for(or buy) any size smaller than this.

(And open to suggestions on crank size to go with)

I have some kh150’s. Pm for some info, are you in the States?

If you have KH 137-165 I’d be interested to trade, I have a set of 125-150 Spirits looking for a new home. The cranks are brand new, I just took the off a uni before it got ridden.

i have a pair of new/unused/in-plastic kh spirits 137mm.

care to make an offer?

I’m borrowing a pair of 138mm right now - I think they’re just a little short. I’m leaning towards 150mm right now.