120cm side hop competition

I really want this and would be good if more got it aswell

The competition will start Sunday June 20, 2009 @ 12:00 AM.


-Can’t have already side hopped 120cm or higher
-Static or with prehop
-Onto a ledge or over a bar (that would be insane)
-Must be on camera
-Must film the measuring tape
-Can’t be 119cm (allthough its still really hard to get)

Good luck :smiley:

Haha, I’m liking how you formatted this thread :wink:

Unfortunately I can’t enter … I need to do 90cm first!

Good luck everyone,


Can it be rolling ?

Ok anyone can enter rolling if they wish :sunglasses: I heard krisz kovacs got 120 rolling

I think he got 118 cm and got his tire up 122 cm, from what I remember.

Alright, I’ll enter and I’ll see what I can get. I don’t even know if we have such high ledges. :roll_eyes: And I don’t even know if I’ll have the time to ride (and an unicycle).


im in
i do not have a camera, which will make it much harder. but maybe i can borrow somebody’s? ill find some sort of way.

Yeah, he cut the clip of 122 right when he “landed” sketchy. I am guessing he fell off.

could someone send me the clip ?

im in ! :wink:

I am also in

i’m in :smiley:

lol:p first I will try it with a prehop :roll_eyes:

hahaha i just copy and pasted from isaacs 90 sidehop thread so i didnt really notice lol

I might be in. All I have is a bar though, and that would be mega hard. :smiley:

couldnt you look around for a wall or something ?

Hard to find any that exact size.

IM IN! :smiley:

ATM my record is 110.5 cm, and 103 over bar.

I might throw down, but I can barely do 100

Anyone getting close ?

Heres mine