12 years in 3 minutes

Here’s a video of highlights from my first 12 years of riding! This video includes some of my favourite trail features,… we’ve had some good battles over the years! Its been a good ride so far and 2016 is going even bigger and better!

Instagram: @ryankremsater

Hope you enjoy!

Awesome riding!

Nice riding places. Thanks ofr the vid :slight_smile:

Great video I really enjoyed it! I’m glad you showed some mishaps that prove you talented guys are human.

Crashing is apart of the sport! We have to show our good crashes =)

Great video and awesome riding. Keep it up.

It was a nice look back.

One of my favorite older shots was you jumping off this huge boulder, landed it wrong & it catapulted you into a crumpled pile :roll_eyes: and then you landing it (I think it was originally in a separate vid) guy there in a deep slow-mo voice saying “OH MY GOD”. The quality of the video was pretty for though :o

Ah yes! I do remember that crash! … unfortunately, I do not have a high quality version of it =(
To this day i’m still not sure how I was bounced so high!


Really nice…

Weird auto correct.

All the best shots should be in even if the quality on some (most fairly HQ) wasn’t so good. IMO