12" unicycle stabability question

I was thinking about getting a little twelve inch unicycle for over the summer 'cause it’s easier to transport. I am around 120 lbs. Does anyone know about how big of drops it could take?

Re: 12" unicycle stabability question

12" unicycle= bad idea

I agree, although in theory for the same hub a 12" will take bigger drops than any other size because it runs the shortest cranks, the rim wil be utter rubbish and will probably buckle on a drop of any size. Also, even with a long seatpost they are still very slow and have an awful turning circle because the pedals hit the floor if you lean to much, i’ve ridden a couple and never found them much fun because of it, but that’s just my two pence worth.


I have one,its quite fun, not practical fro travel AT ALL, but iv done 1’ 1/2" drops and its fine.

But are you 120+ lbs.?

i’m pretty sure he is. why not just get a 20 inch. it’ll be relatively indesttuctable.

Me 120 pounds?!?!?!?! Pfffffft. no way, I’m 105-110.

Be aware not all 12" unicycles are equal. I have ridden on ones where the wheel build has been very bad, the spokes were all way too loose.

The 12" models we stock at UDC NZ are radially spoked (rather than 3 of 4 cross) but seem to hold up fine to the moderate club abuse we’ve put them through.

I think Tony has even played with 360 unispins and the like on it. Unless you are under 6 years old a 12" unicycle is basically a bit of a gimick. They are fun to play with but not very practical for anything.

I would not recommend doing trials on them even though we have had adults play round hopping up and down stairs etc.