12" Uni


Tom Miller of The Unicycle Factory is planning to make 20 12" unis, for kids.
Since these are custom made, not ordinarily available on demand, I thought I
would spread the word. He said doing 20 at one time will keep the cost down. No
definite on the cost, yet.

He plans to take a 16" Zephyr, cut it down, and add some spokes to a 12"
bicycle wheel.

If anyone is interested let me know.

Rusty DeShazo | Intergraph Corporation rgdeshaz@joker.b23b.ingr.com or |
Huntsville,AL 35894-0001 uunet!ingr!b23b!rgdeshaz | (205) 730-8634

Re: 12" Uni

the Semcycle XL model is available with a 12" wheel. I would guess that with a
high enough seat post, that might work.

>Before I go ahead and call Tom Miller and order the uni I want, let me
>make sure nobody already has one for sale. I know, I know, what are the
>chances. Still…
>I’m lookin’ for a uni with a 12 inch tire. I can’t imagine it would be from
>anywhere but the Unicycle Factory, so I assume it would be exactly what I’m
>thinkin’ of. An old style Schwinn seat, chrome everything, about 26" tall total
>(or in that vicinity, from 22" to 32", somewhere around there). Anyone?
>Jake Cooper

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