12" Session + New Tricks

I got a 12" unicycle to birthday and so a made a little video of me riding it and some new tricks with my 20" unicycle.

hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


The 12" part was hilariously awesome!

1:57 I thought for sure you were going to eat that bush.

Very cool video.

Nice vid the only thing i hate about 12" is that you normal uni feels so heavy after using it :smiley:

haha, nice video. Liked the crosshops on the 20" :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Vid! all the video was good, but I really like the 12" part, It makes me want to have a 12" just for fun. But, you didn’t bent the cranks of it? it looks pretty solid for a 12" uni.

No, they are stronger than i thought :wink: