12" or smaller wheelset

I have a project that requires the smallest wheelset I can find. No need for a tire. Sturdy is better than flimsy.

What is your project?
Is it unicycle related?

Go tricycle. They make stronger tricycle front wheelsets than they would unicycle. I had to totally rebuild my sons 12" with new spokes and bearings to get strong. Trycycles usually have lollipop bearings and would fit pretty much any application you have for it.

Yes, I’m formulating different designs to help dampen the shock of hard landings. The tire only compresses so far and my ankles are only so strong. I’ve seen attempts at putting shocks on the frame but that doesn’t help where the ankles are concerned, only the seat. If my idea has merit I’ll let you know, still a lot of unknowns.

I thought of that but haven’t looked into it yet, wasn’t sure if tricycles have replacable cranks and such. Where is a good place to get tricycle parts?

I found a Tricycle in the garbage but I can’t find a seatpost to fit on it, all the ID of the seatposts are too big:p I did rode it with the handle bars on though, I did some jumps with it but the cranks are really bent, they aren’t really made for jumping…:stuck_out_tongue: But Tricycles are good if you want to have a mini uni!

If this is for actual street uni, your going to need to stick to finding strong 12" rims from kids bikes and relacing to ISIS hubs. I don;t think your going to find a Tricycle or other application in that size that was designed and built to survive 150+ pounds of continuos pounding.

Have you given any thought to finding a way to do a solid, (non spoked) rim. Like having someone weld alloy or metal strips from the hub flange right to the outside of the rim…I could draw it, much better than explain it.

It would be bomb proof and allow you to put any tire and frame on you wanted.

Yesterday I got to ride what I think was an 8" unicycle. Made by Tom Miller, it even had a pneumatic tire.