12 inch one unicycle.com

wound the 12 inch on unicycle.com support our weight, we weigh 115-135 lbs.


Riding? Yes.

Hopping? Bad idea.

wah, radial lacing. Who’s bright idea was that?

idling would probably kill the wheel build. Should have been at least 1X on the spokes.

Picture shows lollipops, Description says main cap bearing holders. Wonder which one is right.

I would hazard a guess that they’re lollipop bearing holders and someone just had a wrackspurt* attack while they were writing the description.

Ride it easy, don’t hop or go off of anything, no 900 unispin attempts and it should hold up.
If it doesn’t, rebuild the wheel with a real lacing pattern.

*I apologize for the reference

This is my friend who wants it, we were both looking in to getting one. Do you know of any other places to get a stronger 12" so we would be able to jump with it?

I think Nimbus makes a decently strong 16"

yeah, they do: http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1049

Sneaky of UDC to add $10 for a UNI magazine, though.

Some might think the roundcrown freaks would be all over this thing, but nooo :roll_eyes:

I wouldn’t think that they’d be very strong but there’s a 12" Sun on amazon for $80.00, this would probably just break if I sat on it right?