12 ga vs 14 ga stainless coker spokes???

I’m contemplating a wheel upgrade to an Airfoil rim and am wondering what the thinking is on which spokes to use with the UDC extra wiode hub.

Are the 14 ga stainless spokes (UDC has them for $2.00 each) worth the extra expense? I spoke to UDC’s wheel builder today and he seems to think that the stock 12 ga spokes will result in a stiffer (but slightly heavier) wheel that will stay true longer than with 14 ga stainless.

Can you actually feel the difference in the way it will ride??
What do you all think??

I haven’t tried the UDC version of the SS spokes, but the Tommy Miller ones are way better than the standard Coker Spokes. I think it is as strong if not stronger. It’s also a significant weight saving (probably 250g)- I noticed it accelerated/decelerated better straight away. When added together with a tubeless kit, it’s like going up an extra gear (ie you’ll be using 110mm cranks where you might have used 125mm).

Also, it doesn’t corrode in the same way that the standard Coker spokes do. If you compare it with bicycles- only the very cheapest, nastiest, K-mart/Walmart/Dept Store Huffy type bikes use those spokes, most bikes use stainless.

So yeah, worth every penny :sunglasses: