12 Foot Unicycle Beer Bong Video on Youtube

Well, I had a party last weekend and one of my friends, Cameron Ulmer, decided to do another 12 foot unicycle beer bong so I got it on video this time. He did this one other time a few years ago, once while holding on and another while riding, but all we have are pictures of it. So now we have a video to proove it! Click here!

Unfortunately the quality is not very good due to the poor lighting (it was at night) and I can’t seem to flip it so you’ll have to watch it sideways but here is the link to the video on youtube. If anyone knows how to flip it and/or lighten it up so it’s easier to see please let me know. All I have is Ulead Movie Wizard that came with my camera and it doesn’t let me do much and I don’t want to pay for a program at this time. So if you know of any free programs I could use, let me know. Or I could send you the file if anyone wanted to edit it themselves…

Nice, i would be scared to fall down :).

cool :sunglasses:

I thought you meant it was a 12ft beer bong, not a guy doing a beer bong on a 12ft unicycle!

…Still impressive, though.

I don’t think things like this are very appropiate. I admit some of my videos have a swear word here and there, but none advertise beer and beer bongs.

Uh, is there something wrong with beer?

No, no is the answer to the question

Hah thats pretty funny, I kind of agree with shaun but at the same time its not like you are saying go out and drink beer, so I think its pretty neat. It would also be pretty hard to just hold and pour and drink from anything like that while riding a 12 foot giraffe, so the fact that its beer really doesn’t matter to me. Plus I’m Canadian, beer here is as common as water, but unlike the states, our beer doesn’t taste like it :p.

haha, owned.

(I remember driving from where we were in caseville, michigan to toronto just so my dad could get some good beer)

EDIT: but yeah, I can see where shaun is coming from. this is a family forum - there are kids of all ages on here. though this doesn’t say ‘go out and drink beer’, we all know that you’re of age, so it’s fine…but there are still impressionable kids out there…

I have to bring a giraffe to the next party I go to…

Hey, come on lighten up. It’s entertaining right? Probably even made you smile, right? Just cause you probably couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean you have to say it shouldn’t be posted! :slight_smile: J/K cause you probably could do it if you really wanted to…

And it was only 1 beer bong, not like 10 in a row which then I could see an issue with it. Speaking of which, his brother Preston Ulmer, I believe still has the record of most beer bongs done on a standard uni. Don’t remember the count but know it was over 5!

Anyhow, lets not bitch and just have fun, eh? Maybe this will make things better; PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! and if you do, make sure you are of legal age…

Nice to see that all those years of practice are good for something!

The funny part is that he never rides anymore and I’m guessing the last time he was on a uni was years ago…maybe even the last time he rode my 12 foot unicycle!

Same here. I think it would be way more impressive if there was a 12 foot bong, and the guy on the 12 footer filled it while a guy on a non-giraffe drank it. :wink:

Nice Jamey

I remember seeing video from unicon in washington of people doing beer bongs in the parking lot, Its good to see that your parties are taking beer to new heights.

That record of 5 beer bongs while riding sounds tempting to break perhaps even guiness could get on to make an official WR. I know I’d be down for giving it a go at the next big event…

Mike aka. Chex