12.5 & 21

What a great day for a unicycle ride. I rode a little over 5 miles during my mid-day work break.
The ride took me to a long line of railroad ties. I decide to try and ride the length of them again today. My previous best “skinnie” ride on these railroad ties covered only 9 ties.
Today, I rode for 12 and a half ties and then immediately remounted and rode the length of 21 railroad ties.
It was very fun. Soon, I will ride the whole distance. I am guessing that these ties have at least 75 railroad ties in a row. BTW, each tie is approximately 9 feet long, by 6"- 9" wide. Not a skinnie skinnie, but a skinnie never the less.
I also dropped off a very steep hill down to a concrete dam/bridge over the river along which I ride. The last 2 1/2 feet of the hill drops almost straight off. I made it off this without a UPD. Several City Park workers were watching me and gave me a round of applause for that move. Did I mention todays ride was FUN??? :smiley: --chirokid–