114mm Cotterless Options?

Need a set of 114mm Square Taper cranks for my Coker. Unicycle.com has the steel ones for $9 or the Aluminum Venture2’s for $50. There must be something in between! I like Aluminum (i think), and black looks nicer for me. They have original Ventures for $25, but only very long ones.

Any ideas where else to go?

I have Qu-Ax aluminum cranks on my Coker, they’re light and look pretty good! I got the from UDC years ago for like 20/25$ I think.


Yeah I was looking at qu-ax stuff but wasn’t sure where to grab it! Found those on here http://www.goudurix.com/us/manivelle-qu-ax-114mm-cotterless-1551.html
For $24 and $8 shipping. Assuming shipping is the same from quebec as it is from uni.com.
They do look a lot nicer than the steel ones.

These are the exact same as mine. Great cranks are really light. Shipping is probably cheaper from Goudurix. I had problems ordering from UDC with a “logic” shipping cost.

I ordered them on Saturday and they just shipped yesterday on Wednesday and it says it is 4-10 day shipping. :confused: