114 miles in 1 day "Mega-Century"!

What an incredible journey! Here’s my 114 mile “mega-century” video. I did this as a “double my age” ride, filmed 3/10/13. From a massive tire blowout (my friend’s fixie), to bobbing & weaving slowly between a maze of bikers, skateboarders, roller bladers, and people constantly trying to cross the path without looking, to having to ride the last 10 miles in the dark–and the only prescription eyewear I had were my SUNglasses, which I accidentally stepped on and broke while stretching–it was a fantastic all-day adventure that I will never forget! :smiley:

  • Watch for my free-mount attempt at mile 85! (I was a bit shocked at what happened!)

Hope you enjoy!


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Your rides are always very inspirational, always good to see the vids and pics. Seeing your vids last year is what finally prompted me to get on the uni again after a long time off. I only have a 20" for now but been doing some MUNI on it and love it, will upgrade in the next few months and later in the year hope to also get a 36" to do some longer rides.

Great Job! Very impressive. So what is your secret for sitting in the saddle that long?

NICE! Way to go, UG! Epic finish to an amazing ride and a fun video. Looking forward to your next challenge, although I have to say, you’ve established a very dangerous standard here. I mean, you’ll naturally want to do a DYA ride next year, right? …and the year after, etc., Holy crap! Can you imagine it: Double Your Age at 60! Dood…if you can pull that one off, I’ll build a church to you. Hahahaha! :astonished:

Emergency Sidewall Repair Tip for Angel: take a bill from your wallet, fold it over 3 or 4 times, lay it inside, centered over the hole. It should easily retain your inflated tube, at least till you reach a bike shop.

Sweet, nice work! How long did it take you?

Three questions:

1.) Whatcha riding?
2.) Crank length?
3.) A brake?

Epic Terry. :astonished:

Congrats on another (114) milestone. And thanks so much for taking the time to film, edit & post all of your adventures.

I know they always say the grass is always greener, but watching this really does make me wish I was so many places other than the UK.

Adventures can happen anywhere MonkyMark, so long as you have a have a unicyle seat :smiley:

Awesome Ride Terry, you are truly an amazing unicyclist!!!

Ha ha, well spotted!

So, you pose the question “let’s see if I can still free mount after 85 miles?” and then you did it. Did you ever get to a point where you could not free mount to get back on?

Thank you, Terry. Very inspirational!
How did you alleviate the leg cramp problem?

Thanks for all the comments guys!

To answer some questions, in no particular order, I used “NUUN” electrolyte tabs that you just toss into your camelbak bladder, and they dissolve and mix on their own. For 100oz they recommend 6, and I went through about 250oz of water! I also ate a clif bar every hour without fail, augmenting with GU gels. Seemed to do the trick as I didn’t experience a single leg cramp and felt strong almost the whole distance.

The uni used was my KH 36er (ungeared) with T-handle and aerobars, qu-ax 114mm isis cranks, nightrider tire and flatfish saddle base with FFR foam. Comfy until the last 10 miles, then severe pain! Could be, in part, that I had to modify my riding quite a bit after it got dark. Oh well, a ride that long is bound to result in some saddle soreness. The freemount at mile 85 felt strong, but once darkness fell I did use a wall whatever was handy to mount. :o

As far as time, unfortunately, I got a bit of a late start, and unlike my previous century last month, which I did on super bowl Sunday when I had the bike path mostly to myself, this time I had to contend with lots of congestion from people on all manner of conveyance! (Except other unicycles!)

But the thing that cost the most time was having to ride the last 10-11 miles in darkness, with only my prescription sunglasses to guide me! I literally couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me, so it took almost twice as long to cover that distance, one tentative revolution at a time!

But I still managed to finish the 114 miles in just over 12.5 hours. And it was the most fantastic ride of my unicycling life so far, and I wouldn’t change a thing as it was a great adventure! :slight_smile:

114 miles - 114 mm cranks … when will you ride 150 miles on 150mm ? :slight_smile:

congrats, epic ride !

how many stops to rest ?
did you eat only gel and bars or you had a real meal ?
is 12.5 hours saddle time or it includes rests ?

Thanks Cristian. 12.5 hours was total time including breaks and delays. Only clif bars and gels on the ride. Would have been nice to stop for a slice of pizza though. :slight_smile: