110s for freestyle?

Would anybody recommend 110mm cranks for freestyle? I currently use 125s and don’t have any real problem with them, but I’m toying with the idea of slightly shorter cranks. What are the pros and cons of 110s for this style of riding? Obviously I know the general “long = power/control andshort = quick/smooth” but I’m hoping someone has slightly more specific information!

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I went from 125s to 102s. I still think the 102s may be too short sometimes. Shorter cranks will improve your spinning ability, both cranking the pedals (like one foot and prep for coasting or gliding), and the ability to do spins and transitions in and out of them.

What you will lose will be the stopping power and leverage you may be used to.

BTW, you will also gain the ability to turn sharper without hitting your pedals on the ground. That was a common thing for me with the 125s.

Cool, I’ll think I’ll give them a try then! Thanks John :slight_smile:

I put 110s on my 20" a few years ago and love them. They enable you to ride quite fast and smoothly on a 20." Once you get used to them, I don’t think you’ll have any problems.


I have 110s on my 20.

I’m no freestyle expert - my forte is cross country/distance - but I can do all the basics: idle, idle one footed (foot on or off frame), reverse, ride seat out in front, and do a couple of fancy mounts. If I try quite hard, I can still catch the ground with the pedals. :o)

I went from 125’s to 110’s to 102’s in one day! 102’s are brilliant but are a little dissadvantage for tricks like crank idle i find.


I endorse the use of 110’s for freestyle with 20" wheels. Nice smooth ride. I used to bend 125’s all the time, but the 110’s last longer for me. Less leverage and takes a bit to get used to, but worth it…but ultimately, remember it’s up to you and what you are trying to accomplish. There are so many things that one can do on a uni and a lot of different ways to get there. What works for one person may not be ideal for the next.

I can also recommend 110s for freestyle, when i only had one unicycle i use to do the off-rode rides on my 20" with 110 cranks fine but i know some people have difficulty stopping with 110 cranks, especially if they ride quiet fast.

I ride with 89mm cranks at the moment and have tried 70 but they felt very wierd! Personally i have noticed shorter cranks to be much smoother but can have difficulty occasionally getting a full revolution doing 1 footed when your out of practice!

Most of all the short cranks are very fun for spins!

Hope that helps though i’m sure you have heard it all before

I use 114mm cranks on my freestyle uni and love them. They are a faster ride than 125s and never hit the ground in sharp turns. I’ve never wished for more leverage with 114s. I don’t know where you can get a pair of 114s, though…

Thanks for all the advice guys! It was a toss up between 110 and 114, but the 110s are in black which is what I’m after so that was the deciding factor!:smiley:

The 110s sound promising, I like the idea of having a smoother pedal stroke. I think I’ll definately get a set!

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judging by all the feed back 110’s seem to be a pretty good choice…

i’ll probably get them for my new uni when i buy it.

I think I lied. I haven’t measured, but I’m pretty sure my Freestyle uni has 110’s on it. They’re black. If that’s the case, I think they are as short as I’d go for all-around freestyle. Shorter ones would make stopping, idling, direction-switching type skills a lot harder and impede your ability to perform them. They would however bring you more toward the Japanese style of riding, with all the spins and similar moves.

Like Dustin said, it’s also up to you. Experiment and find what you like best. There is no “perfect” size, it all depends on your riding style and needs.

Well they only cost £10 and I can always put the 125s back on if they don’t work out! I like the idea of not hitting the ground on sharp turns too!

Oh, been meaning to ask, does anyone (including Dustin if you’re reading this!) have any vids or links to vids of Dustin riding? I’ve heard a lot, but have never seen you/him ride!


Stevo is embarressing, he just learnt it and he trys to do all these stuff he cant even do.