110mm ISIS cranks


I am looking for a pair of 110mm ISIS cranks. The brand doesn’t matter as it will be for road use (lightweight or reinforce welcomed).

You can see my list of parts to trade. In addition, I have a pair of Qu-ax ISIS lightweight cranks in 100mm (and other brands and size too if necessary).

Thanks =)


Bump. Anyone has short cranks lying around unused ?

Note: 115mm cranks are fine too :slight_smile:

Bump for a long wait for short cranks :smiley: :smiley:


Dual holes 11x/anything are fine too :wink:

Not sure if you know… KH isis cranks are on sale at UDC right now. I’m about to buy some double hole 110/127 cranks myself

UDC also has 114mm Lightweight Qu-Ax cranks on sale for $10. $8.05 for Priority Mail shipping to Boston.


Thanks for the notice mad. It’s too bad as I recently placed an order and I haven’t noticed they had them (or they weren’t listed yet).

Thanks Mike for the info on KH. They are in sale on UDC for quite a while. They are cheaper with the rebate but I was looking for some second hand cranks because I am not sure yet they will feel right (the 100mm left me a mixed feeling) and I’d rather save a few bucks for bigger projects :wink:

Bump. Just in case the cold winter weather has shrinked some spare pedals :smiley:

Bump :slight_smile:

Bump. No spare that would be between 110mm and 119mm ?

Bump (maybe XMas street uni converted into Trial will make some spare 11xmm cranks ^_^).